Key Issues

While enjoying the fruits of strong economy and visionary people, Arapahoe County must not rest of its laurels. We must have the courage to plan to continue our growth deliberately and intentionally, and be smart about planning for our future to continue to thrive.

Property tax revenue supports public schools, county governments, special districts, municipal governments, and junior colleges. All of the revenue generated by property taxes stays within your county. Property taxes do not fund any state services.

The county assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying, and valuing all property in the county in accordance with state laws.

The assessor’s job is to establish accurate values of all properties (Residential, Commercial, agricultural land, vacant land as well as business/industrial/personal business properties) located within the county, which ensures that the tax burden is distributed fairly and equitably among all property owners.

Real property is revalued every odd-numbered year. Personal Property is revalued every year.

The platform for my campaign focuses on fair properties assessment, fair tax burden on all taxpayers, transparent & accountable Assessor’s office, and excellent public services.


Make a wise decision