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As a loving husband and father of three children, PK is optimistic about the future of Arapahoe County. He will work tirelessly to ensure a high quality of life for the people.

Insightful, respectful, and fair, PK will thoroughly research all aspects of an issue before making an informed decision. An excellent listener, PK will reach out to his constituents and learn what concerns them. He will represent the people of Arapahoe County in a wise and dignified manner.

PK has earned a MBA in Finance, MS Accounting and a Masters Degree in economics. He is working on his Ph.D in Economic Sustainability. He has worked for the Colorado Department of Revenue, Department of Corrections, School of Mines, City & County of Denver, the Community Colleges System, and US Postal Service, and in the corporate sector as a Controller. PK is an active licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker managed a real estate brokerage company as Managing Broker involved in residential & commercial real estates, businesses and property management. Throughout his working life; as a public servant, as a small business owner and a real estate broker, he gained knowledge and experience to prepare himself for the Arapahoe County Assessor’s job

America has been good to PK. When he proudly became an American citizen, he vowed that he would give back to this country, his country. America has been all he imagined it could be, with freedom and with opportunities for everyone to pursue their dreams. In PK’s case, the dream is to represent the people.


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